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Binary Options trading – Find a broker

While trading in binary options does appear at first glance to be an excellent way of generating profits there’s more to it than many people realise.

Indeed, as we have previously explained on this website having a binary options trading strategy in place and undertaking some level of training will lead to profits.

One way to gain the necessary experience is to use a demo trading account to put a strategy to the test in real world trading.

The real attraction however, to using a demo trading account for binary options is that a new trader can play with fake money and not risk losing any investment cash.

While early success may be tempting, a long-term strategy will be needed to ensure that any financial goals are realised.

The first step on the road to success in binary options trading is to select a broker.

Finding a binary options broker

Finding a binary options broker is not difficult, there are lots out there but care should be taken because some brokers are not regulated by a relevant financial authority.

The other issue to remember that while binary options trading is a simple way of making money in assets since there are only two choices to make – that is whether the asset’s price will increase or fall – not all brokers trade in all assets.

As part of a new binary option trading training plan, a trader should research thoroughly and specialise in their assets and then find a broker who can deliver the best platform for success.

And even when a trader has signed up to a binary options broker, they should still keep their eyes open for other opportunities with other brokers; for instance, some may offer a better rate of return.

Essentially, when researching the best binary options broking platform is to find one that is easy-to-use.

It’s important that their software does not take a long time to learn to it and it will be of great help.

Be aware too that the platform cannot afford to slow down because wasted precious seconds could mean trading losses.

Does your binary options broker have the assets

The research will also mean that the new trader should analyse whether the broker has the assets necessary for trades to be successful – if they don’t then you need to find another broker.

As hinted at previously, the rate of return is crucial for profitability.

Not all binary options brokers offer the same rates of return, some offer 83%, some will offer 84% while others will offer 85%.

Even though these differences are only 1%, they could make a big difference in how much profit is made.

In the hunt for success at binary options trading, it’s all about profitability and it doesn’t make trading sense to sacrifice any of that profit to a broker.

Selecting a broker for online trading in binary options

Another important issue when selecting a broker for online trading in binary options is to find one that offers more than just the standard ‘put’ and ‘call’ options.

That’s because as a new trader who enjoys success, they will then develop their trading strategy and they will need a broker who can match their growing demand in choice.

One reason for finding a broker who offers more options is that this will boost profitability.

As a new trader in binary options, is also worthwhile starting out with a broker who offers rebates on trades.

There are brokers who have excellent platforms to learn on and will offer up to 15% back on an unsuccessful trade.

When starting out, this may be something that a new trader may want to take advantage of while others will not.

Utilise the services of a binary options broker

Finally, and we cannot stress this enough, it’s important to utilise the services of a binary options broker who offers something that you want.

Depending on the trading strategy that has been developed, this may mean that a new trader decides he’s going to use more than one broker. This is an acceptable way of trading.

As we have mentioned previously, not all brokers offer the same level of return so one platform may offer more on a currency, for instance, while another platform will offer more on commodities.

Also, take time to look for the best bonuses for new clients though be aware you may have to do invest a large sum initially.

Binary trading options software releases

The growing popularity of binary options trading has been underlined with news that two more tools will help boost trading profitability have been launched.

There’s been a slew of binary trading software releases in recent months and the most recent includes one from ITM Financial which has since recorded a record number of downloads.

Their ‘60 second binary options’ software is a trading indicator suite which includes improved visual trading designs, high-speed trading graphs and the ability to track bearish and bullish momentum in the markets.

The chief executive of ITM, Curt Dalton, said: “This software is the most advanced binary options software available and we have integrated binary options algorithm signals with trading indicators.”

He added that the software is aimed at giving binary option traders, hedge funds and banks the competitive edge they need when trading in worldwide markets.

Binary options trading systems

There is a lot of interest in the products from ITM Financial since their Genesis trading system netted $17,000 profit in one session.

This occurred when their member traders made the profit in just one short session by using the software using market liquidity levels and private algorithms.

Another popular research outlet has also announced it has revamped its website.

The news comes from which is a leading forex and binary options trading website which is offering free information that’s easy to use for mobile and desktop users.

Binary option traders access the latest information

A spokesman for ProfitF said the website has been redesigned to help binary option traders access the latest markets information as quickly as possible.

He added: “Traders need to be aware of the latest news and events in the dynamic world of currency and Forex market trading.”

Among the site’s new additions is a search facility for brokers and a section generating trading ideas and Forex forecasts.

Financial Conduct Authority outlines its plan for regulation

Meanwhile, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has outlined its plans to regulate the binary options trading sector in the UK.

The entire sector will move from being monitored as a gambling service to becoming a financial product which means the market will need to comply as a financial product offering.

There is an ongoing consultation on when the FCA should regulate binary options trading and under what financial services regularity framework it should operate.

Currently, the trading of binary options is regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

The new rules will only cover those firms that have a UK presence though, the FCA points out, increasingly more EU countries are switching to financial services protection rather than offering gambling protection.

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