A new binary option trading platform is launched

One of the tips for successful binary option trading is to use an online platform that helps a trader succeed.

This means that a binary options trader needs to be up-to-date with the latest price movements and any news that has a potential to affect the stock markets.

To this end, a leader in binary options trading, Winoptions.com, has launched its new platform helping boost the way traders work.

The firm is a brokerage company which specialises in financial derivatives as well as binary options.

They say their new offering will ‘revolutionise’ the financial industry and also offer traders the chance to deal in Forex and CFD’s on the same platform.

Binary options trading –with a social trading element

In addition, they have also added a social trading element which allows binary option trading newbies to copy the trades being made by some of the best binary option traders around.

Another interesting element is that for ‘ladder trading’ which effectively breaks down a risky binary option trade into five separate trades with each one carrying a different risk.

Ladder trading effectively allows a binary options trader to trade to their own risk profile.

There’s also a useful tool that enables the platform to become a binary options strategy advisor – a crucial element when vital decisions have to be made.

Obviously, there are other binary option trading platforms available and this one is up with the best of them.

Short term binary options trading

For those who like their binary trading to be short term, the platform will enable traders to offer a timeframe of as little as 30 seconds and up to 300 seconds.

Don’t worry though – the long term element allows a trade to take place up until the year-end.

A spokesman for winoptions.com said they were excited about the launch of the new platform because it enables traders to tailor their online trading across global financial markets easily.

One interesting aspect for those new to trading is that the platform will allow binary options pairs.

This is when a trader pairs assets from a sector to create a unique asset to their binary options so people can trade on their relative performance.

Trading in binary options pairs

For instance, a binary options trader could pair silver vs gold or even Apple vs Google with one asset outperforming the other in a set timeframe.

There’s no doubt that the world of binary trading is growing quickly in popularity and the trading platforms that encourage success are now taking off.

This new winoptions.com offering is certainly worth a look and then compared with other platforms to see if the promises match up to the delivery.

Binary option trading: The basics for success

Binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular as a way to earn high profits quickly and for relatively little outlay but there’s still some confusion about what this type of trading actually is.

This article will help explain what binary options are and how people make money with trading them.

Essentially, binary options are strictly defined as ‘having two parts’ and traders will predict a price movement with a ‘Put’ or a ‘Call’.

The real attraction for binary option trading is that an investor does not have to calculate when the best time to move out of the market is going to be since they dictate the timeframe for their prediction.

This is an essential part to being successful – if the market is being volatile then the trader is simply hedging where the asset’s value is moving within that specified time.

Plus, there are only two choices to be made and the binary options trader chooses which one.

Binary options trading: a ‘Call’ and a ‘Put’

If a trader makes a ‘call’ option they are predicting that the price of the asset will rise.

However, if the trader believes the asset will fall in value, they will opt for a ‘Put’ option instead.

While trading in binary options is very simple there are skills involved and one of them is knowing which assets are the best for investment.

For instance, some people may decide to have binary investments in gold since the price of this precious metal fluctuate throughout a day’s trading so those with experience of the market could make lots of profit.

Other popular binary contracts available are those for indices, which are covering the stock markets like the FTSE and Dow Jones.

As well as gold, other commodities such as silver, coffee and oil, and many others, are also available for binary option trading.

Binary option trading on major currencies

Others may decide to follow the fluctuations of the major currencies, also known as Forex.

There are also some stocks in major companies available for binary options trading.

While trading in binary options seems like an easy way to make quick profits, the best traders still carry out extensive research and have lots of experience to make their judgements a success.

To help with this, many binary option trading platforms will offer inexperienced traders the resources they need to not only learn how to trade but improve their binary option trading techniques.

Often these resources are free and will help develop the strategies necessary for binary option success.

The easiest way to develop a strategy is to choose an asset that the trader wants to invest in and, hopefully, something they have an interest in also.

How to trade in binary options – gold prices

So, for instance, taking the price of gold as an example, a binary options trader may decide to invest in the price of gold rising within the next hour.

They then decide how much they want to invest and then wait to see whether the price of gold will increase or fall.

If the price increases, the binary options trader will make a healthy profit, if the price falls, obviously, the trader will lose their money.

It is because of these tight timeframes that binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with novice investors, but remember that researching and developing investment techniques before investing real money is always advisable.

Binary trading options software releases

The growing popularity of binary options trading has been underlined with news that two more tools will help boost trading profitability have been launched.

There’s been a slew of binary trading software releases in recent months and the most recent includes one from ITM Financial which has since recorded a record number of downloads.

Their ‘60 second binary options’ software is a trading indicator suite which includes improved visual trading designs, high-speed trading graphs and the ability to track bearish and bullish momentum in the markets.

The chief executive of ITM, Curt Dalton, said: “This software is the most advanced binary options software available and we have integrated binary options algorithm signals with trading indicators.”

He added that the software is aimed at giving binary option traders, hedge funds and banks the competitive edge they need when trading in worldwide markets.

Binary options trading systems

There is a lot of interest in the products from ITM Financial since their Genesis trading system netted $17,000 profit in one session.

This occurred when their member traders made the profit in just one short session by using the software using market liquidity levels and private algorithms.

Another popular research outlet has also announced it has revamped its website.

The news comes from ProfitF.com which is a leading forex and binary options trading website which is offering free information that’s easy to use for mobile and desktop users.

Binary option traders access the latest information

A spokesman for ProfitF said the website has been redesigned to help binary option traders access the latest markets information as quickly as possible.

He added: “Traders need to be aware of the latest news and events in the dynamic world of currency and Forex market trading.”

Among the site’s new additions is a search facility for brokers and a section generating trading ideas and Forex forecasts.

Financial Conduct Authority outlines its plan for regulation

Meanwhile, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has outlined its plans to regulate the binary options trading sector in the UK.

The entire sector will move from being monitored as a gambling service to becoming a financial product which means the market will need to comply as a financial product offering.

There is an ongoing consultation on when the FCA should regulate binary options trading and under what financial services regularity framework it should operate.

Currently, the trading of binary options is regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

The new rules will only cover those firms that have a UK presence though, the FCA points out, increasingly more EU countries are switching to financial services protection rather than offering gambling protection.

Binary options trading: the pros and cons

A growing trend in the online trading community is for binary options trading which offers a variety of stocks, forex and commodities among other financial opportunities.

Underpinning its rapid success is the potential to make a lot of money very quickly but, as with all trading opportunities, there’s also the opportunity to lose money as well.

Trading in binary options is simplicity itself: traders choose a product and then predict whether its value will decrease or increase within a set time.

Making the correct prediction will result in a profit while making the wrong one will lead to a loss.

The pros and cons of binary options trading

The big pro in trading in binary options is that there is a quick payoff; the return on capital can be as high as 70%.

Even more impressively, the rewards can be paid within minutes or just a few hours.

Becoming a binary trader is straightforward and another major appeal for so many people is that it does not involve a complex decision making process.

And when trading on most binary platforms, the trader can limit their exposure to loss.

This helps with risk management because the trader will set the risk tolerance which will be linked to the size of their position.

If the decision is the wrong one, they may not lose all of their money and they may even be reimbursed with a rebate amount.

The cons for a binary options trader

As with all financial trading opportunities that are downsides and risks as well as upsides and rewards.

Anyone becoming a binary options trader should be aware that they are playing a high-risk game in a bid to earn high profits. This means they will inevitably have to take risks.

In addition, the markets, whether it’s in stocks and shares or commodities, will and can move quickly.

The markets can also be inconsistent too which makes them difficult to predict.

Binary options trading tools

The situation isn’t helped with the lack of training tools available for those starting as traders although some binary options trading platforms do provide information dashboards and a commentary to help make decisions.

The danger for those new to binary trading is that they may panic when the market shifts against their position – and it may move quickly and appear to inflate the size of the loss – and if they haven’t checked the indicators on the platform, they may well take a decision that costs them dearly.

There’s no doubt binary options trading is a novel and interesting way to trade and is becoming increasingly popular with online traders – do it right and the rewards are impressive but it needs talent, patience and an appreciation of how to do it well.

More binary options traders blacklisted

The growing popularity of trading in binary options has been highlighted with a mounting number of so-called scam sites and unauthorised traders being blacklisted.

Recently, the UK, France and Canada have taken action to help protect traders in what can be a lucrative market.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that FX firm KSFTrade is operating without a licence.

The financial markets regulator, which has a campaign to protect investors in the UK from unscrupulous brokers, says the company has been providing financial products and services online without authorisation.

Any company offering financial services to retail customers in the UK, or trying to solicit business, is not allowed to operate without a licence being granted by the FCA.

Binary traders: check the FCA’s financial services register

Potential binary option trading investors can expect the FCA’s financial services register to check that the firm they want to trade with is listed – and licensed.

The FCA’s warning was followed up by the Ontario Securities Commission who say binary options firms HasOptions and OneTwoTrade are also unauthorised.

Both firms are the trading arms of a company called Up & Down Marketing Ltd and it does not, says the commission, have the necessary licence for its services.

Indeed, the growth in online firms offering binary trading facilities is growing at such a rate that the Canadian Securities Administrators has announced that it will now begin a blacklist of these companies.

The Canadian plan follows in the footsteps of a similar list created by the French watchdog, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

List of unauthorised binary options trading websites

The AMF has also recently announced that it has published its latest list of unauthorised binary options trading websites.

The blacklist now features 223 entries which is a rise of 34 since its last update in March.

All of the services listed do not have the correct licence to offer binary option trading facilities to French investors.

When publishing its latest list, the AMF urged investors to be extra careful when it comes to selecting a binary options provider because trading carries huge risks as well as rewards.

The blacklist of binary option traders can be found on the AMF website.

Italian watchdog blacklists two binary firms

The Italian financial services watchdog, Consob, has also announced that it is warning investors of a firm called City Equities and LiveTrader – which also trades as NTD Invest Corp Ltd.

The organisation says that neither company is authorised to provide binary option investment services for Italian investors.

Can you begin binary option trading without risk?

For anyone looking to make a large amount of money in a short period of time, the world of binary option trading is looking very attractive.

With growing numbers of binary trading brokers offering a wide range of impressive promotional offers to entice new traders to the market, are these completely without risk?

There’s no doubt that the binary options trading industry is competitive and the brokers are working hard to stand out from the crowd with their offerings.

Many binary traders are offering free demo accounts and also risk-free trading to encourage new traders to sign up.

However, for those who are new to binary trading should read very carefully the terms and conditions which are attached to all of these ‘free’ offers.

Risk-free binary trading offers

One of the most popular, and quickest growing, promotions is that for risk-free trading and they come in a range of different formats.

Essentially, they enable a trader to make the trade without any cost to them so they can learn the ropes without spending (or losing!) money.

In addition, some binary brokers are offering risk-free trading on anything up to a newcomer’s first three trades which is an enticing opportunity.

Be aware though that a minimum deposit is usually expected before embarking on any trading.

Other brokers are offering new traders free money and the option of withdrawing it come in the shape of profits after the terms and conditions of the offer have been met.

Learn about binary option trading markets

Again, most of these offers need a minimum deposit but they do offer some comfort and confidence in stepping into the binary option trading markets.

Finally, another popular way to learn how to make binary trades is to take up a ‘cash back’ offer.

These offers vary, either they are offering a full refund for any losses or a refund of up to a certain percentage of the loss which will, undoubtedly, help to encourage a trader to deal effectively and make money.

The main thing is to shop around to source the best offers to begin binary option trading and then inspect very carefully what the offer actually is.

Some of them will make clear that the trader will need to generate a bonus that can be withdrawn that will effectively cover any losses made.

Binary trading is an exciting and demanding way to make money and for those who are very good at it the rewards are huge but for those who are new or inexperienced than they should be aware that the losses can be large as well.

Trade Binary Options will bring offers, updates, news and advice so come back regularly.

Why opening a demo binary trading account will pay dividends

With the rapid growth in size of the binary options trading sector there are lots of people without the relevant experience wanting to exploit the opportunities who are understandably nervous about doing so.

That’s why it’s a great idea to open a demo account first to learn how to trade effectively and see whether they can make a profit doing so.

In what can be a high risk money making strategy, it is always a good idea to learn first with a cash free demo trading account.

These accounts will help teach a newcomer how to master binary options and many of them will offer the facility to expand or extend the functionality of the account.

Once a trader starts working with binary options and picks up the skills necessary, this facility would be a wise one to progress.

Demo accounts with free assets

Demo accounts come with a number of free elements and, if they are particularly successful, a trader will want to take them into a live account.

For this to be a rewarding and financially successful occupation then the skills needed from demo account trading need to be developed.

By using a demo account, a trader will engage in current market trades without risking any money.

And, once you are confident in binary trading, then it is worthwhile working with the binary option broker who is offering the demo account.

For this reason you should carefully research who are the best binary option trading brokers to work with and utilise one of their free demo offerings – and when you are ready to trade ‘real’ money it’s an easy next step to take.

Get the experience in stock market moves

This means a demo account will offer vital experience in how the stock market moves, help a trader read trends quickly and profit from their moves.

This also enables a strategy for trading binary options to be developed without risking any real cash.

However, it should also be noted that these free demo accounts aren’t just for the newcomers but also for expert online traders in general stocks and shares too.

But don’t just stick with one platform if things don’t work out – a trader may find that the demo account is not the platform they want to work from and then can try using another broker’s platform.

All brokers offer analytical tools to help understand and explain trends and predictions for the stock market.

Get a free demo trading account for binary options

Free demo accounts come in two different ‘flavours’ – the most popular is a conventional account that allows trading on different platforms, offers broker characteristics and delivers useful information too.

Many of these free accounts don’t offer simulated trading which is where the experience in developing the techniques needs to come.

Generally, investment houses that offer a platform for simulated trading are usually the ones you will want to partner with when you begin trading binary options for real.

Also, it’s worthwhile checking out what educational material they offer as most will have trading seminars and online tutorials to help deliver learning and improve technique.

Demo trading accounts with nominal funding

Most demo trading accounts will offer a nominal amount of funding for trading purposes.

Perhaps the most effective way to learn how to trade binary options is to carry out trades without taking any of the risks by using a platform that simulates the market for real.

Eventually, this experience will put a trader in a better position to bring future trading profits.

As with all dealings in financial markets, careful research is needed before investing any money and, if necessary, independent financial advice should be sought.

Binary options strategies – a quick guide

For investors looking for a good return on their investments but with less risk, then binary options may be the answer.

There’s no doubt that binary options trading is becoming popular and there are a range of assets and currencies for potential investors to learn how the market works.

As with most trading, research is key and it’s crucial that potential investors develop their strategy which will also reduce the risk of losses. It is quite tempting to take up binary trading because the investor only has two options for how a trade will develop – it will either increase or decrease in value.

The best way to learn is to open up a demo account, lots of firms offer them, where you can trade without having to spend any money.

Essentially, this is a marvellous way to predict whether a particular asset class will increase in value or fall.

Demo binary trading accounts

These dummy accounts also offer a way of learning more about the market and learn how to deal with making mistakes.

The most obvious downside for running a dummy account is that should your trading be successful then you will not earn any money – though you will gain invaluable experience and a way to develop binary option trading strategies.

The next tip to developing a successful binary option trading strategy is to listen to those people who have been trading for a long time – that’s because they generally know what they are talking about.

The next step is to develop a strategy that works for you and to set a limit.

It’s this limit that could prove to be a crucial decision, especially in the early days of binary option trading.

Learning binary option trading strategy

It’s also important that should your trading not be successful then you need to start learning more about the markets while you develop a strategy that works for you.

The limit should be on the amount you are prepared to lose or on the number of trades you are willing to make – once this limit has been decided then it’s imperative that you stick with it.

While trading in binary options can be an exciting pastime, it’s important that you choose the software that enables you to succeed.

For this you will need to decide on the best assets which you want to trade and ensure that any software you opt to use will allow you to trade in these classes.

Finally, one of the most crucial tips for successful trading is to stay on top of the news, especially breaking financial news.

Why news is crucial to successful trading

Many people who begin trading will not always be aware of how politics and politicians can influence the market with an unguarded comment or a stated policy aim.

Once you have developed a strategy for successful trading by using a demo account then you need time to develop it further to ensure that it’s the right binary option trading scheme for you.

We will publish more help on becoming successful trading here at Trade Binary Options but there’s always our in-depth look at the terms and tactics necessary for binary trading success.

Investors warned over binary option scams

The rapidly growing binary options market in the UK has led to the Gambling Commission warning consumers over potential scams that are masquerading as binary options trading platforms.

The organisation, which regulates all gambling activity within the UK, said that anyone considering binary option betting should spend time to carefully research the market before participating.

The Commission says that consumers should establish whether the operator they are planning to deal with has been properly licensed to operate within the UK.

This approval to operate binary option trading should be clearly displayed on websites and, says the Commission, that if a consumer has any doubts about the operator and where they are located then they should not use their service.

Binary option trading companies abide by a code of conduct

The Gambling Commission says that unlicensed binary option trading companies are probably operating legally and will not be abiding by a code of conduct.

The issue for UK consumers wanting to take part in binary option trading is that any money they lose when using unlicensed operators cannot be recovered and there is no compensation available.

Indeed, the Gambling Commission says that anyone who loses money on binary trading using unlicensed or illegal services should contact Action Fraud.

The warning comes after news from the Commission that financial betting may switch from gambling regulation to come under the remit of financial watchdogs.

Binary options, which is making a fixed bet on a financial market, is currently viewed as a gambling transaction in the UK but the government is now looking at regulating them as financial products.

Binary option trading to come under FCA remit

By doing so, all binary option trading will come under the umbrella of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in line with other European countries.

A UK Gambling Commission spokesman said: “For most licensed gambling operators this will have little impact on their business since binary options account for less than 1% of the regulated online gambling market.”

Binary options site is misusing AMF logo

Meanwhile, binary options traders are being warned that a site to promote Cypriot brokers is misusing the name of the French financial markets regulator.

The Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF) says that the site optionbinaireamf.com is misusing its logo and name.

This is a comparison site for binary option brokers who are regulated by the island’s securities industry regulator, the CySEC.

But AMF says potential investors may be misled because their logo is being used on the front page without permission and the AMF is warning potential investors to stay away from the site since misusing their logo has been done without permission and is illegal.

AMF regularly warns about the risks involved with binary option trading and they have compiled a ‘black list’ of binary option traders who are unregulated.

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Three Campaigns this month from 24option and Trade Binary Options.

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