Trading app firm launches binary options news platform

A firm that runs a string of popular trading apps has launched a web version of their binary options news section.

ITM Financial says its new site is for all currency and binary traders and is a web friendly version of the news site that appears on their apps.

Currently, the firm offers trading apps for the US stock market as well as the forex in the market and the binary option signals market.

The apps are available for free from Apple iTunes and Google Play.

The news section will appear on with constant updates for binary traders.

Market updates and tips for binary trading

The firm’s chief executive, Curt Dalton, said: “Most websites are just sales pages and there’s no real good place that gives traders the market updates and tips for binary trading.”

He added that the new section will pull in articles from their team of writers and websites and include Forex signals for currencies as well as stock market updates.

The firm says it now has everything necessary for the mobile trading market and the new applications will work effectively on laptops and desktop computers and they expect the app to be extremely popular.

The news will be pulling in information from a variety of sources including, and

In addition, the app will also give binary trading ideas for the day, market overviews and stock market updates as well as binary options trading recaps.

Consultation on binary options trading ends

Meanwhile, a consultation on government proposals to move the regulation of binary options trading in the UK from the Gambling Commission to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has come to an end.

One reason for the move is that the Gambling Commission only regulates a firm involved in binary options trading if it has equipment located in the UK.

In other European Union countries, the trades are considered as financial products rather than gambling ones.

So the proposed move would bring the UK into line with common EU practice which would means they need to be regulated by the FCA.

The other issue is that traders new to the binary options market are apparently unaware that the sector is not being regulated by the financial watchdog which means they are investing money without the standard protections many are expecting. A decision on the switch between regulators is expected later this year.

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